Slowly filling in the back of a new animal creation – unravelled ghost net is pretty tricky to work with, like trying to weave using frizzy hair in high humidity!¬†‘Ghost net’ or lost fishing gear is¬†retrieved from the sea by local Northern Territory fishermen. This type of ghost net and other fishing gear is predominantly coming from fishing activities to the north of Australian waters, or from illegal foreign fishing in ¬†Australian waters. The fishing gear is carried by wind and currents until it washes up on remote reefs, islands or the coast, entangling wildlife and fish as it goes. Often it gets hooked up in the fishing gear of local fishermen or is collected by them before it entangles their gear or vessel propellors. They then bring it ashore where it is checked for marine pests by quarantine then disposed of in landfill.

I try and recycle what I can and give it a new life as something quirky, colourful and/or useful. Visit my Etsy shop for more info and items for sale: